Tide Pool

Tide Pool by Shon Ulstad

Tide Pool is a one-of-a-kind re-themed game. Originally a 1971 Solids 'N Stripes by Williams, this game was given an underwater theme by Shon Ulstad of San Francisco. Here is the topper info: Created 2012 in San Francisco California, a re-theme of Williams 1972 Solids and Stripes. Hand painted acrylic painting and graphic design by artist "Pres One" Paressi Labitan. Pinstripes by sign painter Eric Wetterstrom. Owner and curator, Shon Dolcini came together with the idea to create this project to bring back to life an old beat up machine that played well but lacked the good aesthetic that it once had. Creating the name Tide Pool as a play off on this pool themed game. Toxic sea creatures, pool sharks, and swimming pool elements were added to bring a clever new theme to the game. The girl playing pool on the left side of the cabinet was inspired by 80's musician Nina Hagen. Which was something Pres was listening to during the painting process.

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Williams Manufacturing Co.
Shawn Ulstad
from the collection of Shawn Ulstad