Jungle King

This wasn't a game I warmed up to immediately. But one night at the last PPE, I really played it, kept making the rollover shots and in general, just mopped the floor with it. I kept getting more and more extra balls. It is an Add- A -Ball so it doesn't award free games, only free balls that extend game time. The layout of the side rollovers make for a very satisfying shot where you run over all of them on one side, then back down the other side to light your special, ... just like that! Only as I found out, I had a rare streak of playing that one night and it is still a demading game for me.
The art is by Gordon Morison and is no doubt inspired by "George of the Jungle" the cartoon show that followed Bullwinkle. Animals with their tongues sticking out. the blue Elephant, the purple ape, and the look on the monkey's and the boy's face is comic genius. The 2-player version is Gottlieb's 1972 'Wild Life'.
Gottlieb also made two single-player "Add-a-ball" versions: Gottlieb's 1973 'Jungle King' and Gottlieb's 1973 'Jungle Life'.

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Gordon Morison
Ed Krynski
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from the collection of the Pacific Pinball Museum