Jigsaw (World's Fair)

Most popular pinball game ever made, 1933 Jigaw by Rockola.

The 1933 Rockola World's Fair Jigsaw was produced in excess of 70,000 units sold. To this day, the highest selling pinball game ever!  Ours is on generous loan from Richard Conger and although it is disabled for play, it is a beautiful example. As the ball lands in a hole, it rolls down under the playfield and flips over the pieces of the puzzle. The holes at the top flip a whole row but the ones at the bottom of the playfield only flip over the lower pieces. A frustratingly perfect game! No wonder it was so popular, and it was all mechanical, being one of the last of an era, as Williams "Contact" ushered in the age of electricity in '34.

Machine Status: 
Rock-ola Manufacturing Corp.
David Rockola
On loan from the collection of Richard and Valerie Conger