Hang Glider

Commentary by Michael Schiess
Bally’s “Hang Glider” is a 4 player version of the single player “Hi Deal” with a slight variation in the rules. It has drop targets instead of fixed and the spinner lites for 1000 once you light double bonus. Other than that, it is the same playfield layout and similar strategy. Dick White did the art on both and this pin is definitely the better in my opinion. It reminds me of Stinson Beach or La Jolla with lots of nude free lovin’ hippies; only in this scenario, they have bathing suits on.
This is a late model (1976) EM pin that is fast and unforgiving. It was one of those games that took a while to get to the Ju Ju…Matt Christiano picked it up in San Jose for me along with a pin he wanted. So it went down to his ranch in Paicines where my friend Dave Buchanan went and picked it up for me. Dave kept it at his house for a while and then took it to Joe Caradona’s in San Jose because I was going there to pick up a Duotron. Strangely enough, the reason I wanted the Hang Glider in the first place, was because out of all the machines I’ve bought from Joe (and it is a FEW) he told me he would never sell his Hang Glider. It was his wife’s favorite game! SO the Ju Ju on this machine is pretty thick and it makes it play extra special. Another winner.

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