Dragon   Iterflip   1977  4 player  EM with SS sound
Commentary by Michael Schiess
Dragon Slayers! Even the Vid-Niks will play this one! And it’s the only pin I’ve seen with full silk-screened nude art on the side of the cabinet!  This is another pin from Don Arnold and I can’t say enough nice things about him. Thanks from the Ju Ju!
      Now about Dragon…this machine was found new in the box from the warehouse in Vancouver where it had sat, unopened for more 30 years! When I bought it, it had 347 plays on the meter. It was essentially brand new and looks and plays beautifully! It is in the SS rooms because even though it is an Electromechanical, it has Analog Electronic sounds including a death grown from each Dragon target when you knock them down. This pin is super fast and furious! And the artwork is outrageous, still super nice thanks in part to the back-printed ¼” plexi/wood playfield. It has no inserts! An amazing pin, see the flyer for playing details.

Machine Status: