Count Down

Commentary by Michael Schiess
I first saw this at Tim Arnold’s fun night in Vegas where he had the EM version (Space Walk, the last EM made by Gottlieb) right next to the SS version, Count-Down. I didn’t really play it until I was at Matt Christiano’s pin ranch and after a long day of fixing pins I got to play it until 2 in the morning. I was hooked! This has got such a great strategy and the Gordon Morison Art work is great. There was a lot of discussion about what the astronaut is referring to by holding up his finger and thumb… then my brother Mark explained it. Back in the days when hitch-hiking was prevalent, if you were driving past a person with their thumb out, you could signal them that you were only going a little way by holding up your hand in a pinching fasion saying "Little Bit".
The rules are fairly complex, you light the bonus multipliers by knocking down the Green, Yellow, Red and Blue Targets. But you must get the green before the yellow will count and so forth. Knocking down all of one color resets them and makes them now worth 5k each but doesn’t light the bonus multiplier unless you have the previous one lit. I purchased this one from a fellow down in LA and picked it up on a work trip down to the CA Science Center. A fun game!

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