The Pinball Science Room

Visitors check out the Ellipse exhibit in the new Pinball Science room.
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The Pinball Science Room

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Friday, July 10, 2015 - 18:00

The exhibits are up and running in the new Science Room at the Pacific Pinball Museum. The Pin Chime, the Galton Pinball Machine, the Gottlieb Reset Video Kiosk and the original Visible Pinball Machine are combined with three other exhibits from the "Geometry on the Roll" series designed and built by Richard Falkard, former exhibit designer at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. 

The pieces in the Science Room are the start of a series of exhibits that are designed make learning science fun. They teach using the premise of engaging the visitor interactively with amusement. In "playing" the game, they learn a concept such as probability in the Galton Pinball Machine. The Pin Chime uses a steel playfield with magnetic bells and chimes to introduce geometry and physics. The Visible Pinball Machine is the room's centerpiece and is capable of sparking an interest in many areas from electronics to computer sciences.

Dick Falkard developed his "Conical Slices" exhibits for the geometry show at The Science Center in Amarillo, Tex. These are so much fun to play with because they always give you a hole in one. Using a Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola, a ball is aimed to reflect into a hole and it goes in every time, no matter where you aim it. A very satisfying feeling for the inept among us.

This room will allow visitors to have fun while learning and may create a new way of sharing knowledge.

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