Learning History Through Pinball Part One

President Lincoln playing Bagatelle
Eric J. Kos
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Dates: Thursdays, beginning Aug. 27, 2015
Times: 6:30-9:30pm
Course Description: In four parts, over the course of a year, students will learn history through pinball art. Students will be presented with history in pinball art through a two-part slide presentation, a tour of the pinball museum, and will present information on a research project of their choice to the rest of the class. Part one will introduce students to pinball history through a brief tour of the history room and present part one of a slide show on history in pinball art.
Instructor: Historian, author and artist Eric J. Kos has studied history extensively and written five books on Bay Area history. Through his association with the Pacific Pinball Museum, Kos has developed a strong knowledge of pinball history and its threads into American History.
How history is presented in pinball art
World War II propaganda machines
Pinball themes chronologically through history
Pinball's intersection with pop culture
The concept of time itself