Introduction to Electromechanical Pinball Machines

Michael and Christian Schiess worked with Wade Krause to create the first visible pinball machine.
Michael Schiess
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Introduction to Electromechanical Pinball Machines
Dates: Third Thursday
Times: 7-9pm
Cost is $60/member,  $75/non member
Textbook: Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance, $25 with class  Normally $30

Course Outline
1. Pinball Basics:
Brief History of Pinball
Setting up/taking down a typical machine
The major components
Important Basics
2. Electrical Theory
  AC generators
  60 Cycles
  Magnetic Fundamentals
  Induction, transformers and coils
  Switches and Relays
  DC electricity
3. Electrical components
   Score Reels
   Sling shots
   Ball Kickers
   All solenoids in general
4. Repairing and Trouble shooting
   We will review common problems and remedies.
5. Question and answer period