Sponsor for Solar Powered Mobile Pinball Parlor

The Lil Ju Ju is good anywhere, rain or shine!

Seeking partner for solar powered Pinball Parlor

10 years ago, we rebuilt a 1947 Spartan Manor Travel Trailer into a mobile pinball parlor. It has self leveling hydraulic supports, 5 vintage pinball machines, a jukebox and air conditioning that all run on a 2000 watt circuit. It can run on lead-acid batteries with the old inverter we have but we are looking to upgrade it to a new battery bank, a modern inverter and roof-top solar panels for charging. I was going to buy the components and split the cost with the museum and use it to raise awareness taking it on the road to schools in the Bay Area and events like  the Maker Faire, Jack's Open Market in Oakland and the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Lack of funds has stalled the project.

We are looking to partner up with a Solar Power or Electrical Power company to help defray the costs in building this system into the trailer. Estimated cost is approximately $13,000 for all the hardware and labor required to install the system.

In return the supporting company would get promotional consideration via the museum's website and on the vintage trailer itself.

The trailer, affectionately known as the Lil' Ju Ju Mobile Pinball Museum, is incredibly popular drawing huge crowds wherever it goes. The machines are on free play and because of it's unique appearance it is perfect for attracting families from all walks of life.

If you are interested, please contact us via info@pacificpinball.org

Thanks for your support,

Michael Schiess

Founder/Director Pacific Pinball Museum