Fun with Pinball!

Mark Gibson will be showing us "How it Works" when he joins the Pacific Pinball Museum for the upcoming Shoot the Moon Expo. The Expo runs from November 11-13th from 10am - 10pm and Mark will be sharing his wealth of knowledge with all of us there.

How does this work?

"Perhaps what we sacrifice when immersed in all that our contemporary devices offer is the ability to figure out for ourselves how things work. Leaveraging the allure of electromechanical pinball machines, this exhibit breaks out many of the component devices from the game, powers them up and encourages guest to activate, manipulate and study them to understand how they work individually. The larger pieces of the exhibit reassemble individual devices into unique games that are both engaging and demostative of how simpler pieces can be combined into much more complicated systems."

Mark Gibson.

See his full video here

See you at the Expo!