These articles relate to the Art of Pinball. Art is one of the three main divisions of the Pacific Pinball Museum's curriculum. The museum aims to educate the public about this unique form of American art that is rarely appreciated for its aesthetic and cultural value. Here we tell the stories of pinball artists like George Molentin and Roy Parker and learn to recognize their unique styles.

Articles - Art

In this class, a group of girls designed and built pingames on metal grids using quilting pins and marbles.

Star Jet

Star Jet by Dan Fontes will be on display at Free Gold Watch in San Francisco soon! Here it appears as part of the largest pinball show in history: The Pacific Pinball Exposition. Read more about Star Jet

Using Stirling Calder's Star Maiden as the centerpoint, the 4th PPE poster was done by Nick Chase and Michael Schiess. Read more about 4th Annual Pacific Pinball Museum show poster

Dan Fontes and Sarah Reid created the 3rd poster of our PPE series. Musician  Amie Penwell graces a "Golden Gate" , 1939 Exhibit with original pinball art attributed to George Molentin. Read more about 3rd annual Pacific Pinball Exposition Show Poster

An alternative poster by Ryan Flowers and printed by Joseph Bansuelo. There was a limited number of prints made and donated to the museum, then known as NBAM. Read more about Pacific Pinball Exposition Poster 2

The first annual Pacific Pinball Exposition poster by Dan Fontes. This was the show poster that introduced our vision of a pinball museum to the world. Read more about Pacific Pinball Exposition Poster 1