Board of Directors

Michael Schiess, Founder and Director, Alameda, CA: As Founder, Michael has been with the organization from its infancy, 10 years ago. Michael Schiess conceptualized the Pacific Pinball Museum as primarily an arts organization. As an exhibit designer for the Exploratorium, his experience has been invaluable in the design and vision of the PPM. Michael is instrumental in the everyday operations of the PPM. He is a collector of '60s, '70s, and '80s wedgehead machines.


Larry Zartarian, President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Berkeley, CA: A collector of '40s, '50s and '60s rare pinball machines, Larry is an investment adviser at Rand and Associates in San Francisco. He has been associated with PPM for 8 years, and has been Board President for 5 years. He has guided the PPM Board in its drive to improve all the museum's programs.


Dan Fontes, Director, San Rafael, CA: As a muralist of great talent, Dan designed and executed large murals and signage for the PPM, giving the museum a vivid and professional look. Dan produced the exhibit Pinball in Contemporary Art at the Pacific Pinball Museum in 2010. A collector of rare machines, Dan has been with the PPM for 8 years.


Melissa Harmon, Director, Alameda, CA: Melissa is an artist and curator for PPM, specializing in the art of pinball. As curator and generalist, she is developing the curriculum and managing various facets of the museum. She is curator of Pinball Art, Fine Art, Adventures in the Development of Pinball, Pinball StylePinball in Contemporary Art, and Bagatelle, Pachinko and Peggle, among many others. Melissa Harmon has served on the board for 8 years.


Brad Grant, Director,  Vacaville, CA: Brad managed the 2009 Pacific Pinball Expo volunteers as volunteer coordinator. He collects pinball machines from the '50s through '90s, and jukeboxes from the '30s to early '60s. Brad likes to repair and play his collection. He is a successful restaurant/nightclub manager, operator/owner and semi-retired real estate agent. His heart remains in pinball and is devoted to spreading pinball cheer far and wide.


Ron Chan, Director, Hayward, CA: Board Member since 2008, Ron blends his passion for pinball with a quarter century of Silicon Valley marketing experience. His contributions include marketing communications, business planning, collateral and seminar development.


Dan Miller, Director, Orinda, CA: Dan Miller is a collector of rare machines, and an officer of the Roda Group, a venture capital company based in Berkeley. Dan has made contact with many local corporations to obtain donations and volunteers for the PPM. As Board Member of Chabot Space and Science Center, Dan’s knowledge and experience has helped enhance the quality and effectiveness of the PPM.


Jim Strehlow, Secretary and Director, Alameda, CA : Jim Strehlow grew up in Alameda, a city that prohibited youth under age 18 from playing pinball. He helped gather signatures to overturn that law in the mid-1970s. Jim is an organizer for the Pacific Pinball Exposition in many capacities. He has been involved in the computer industry since 1975. Jim volunteers data work, heavy lifting and many other tasks, and has generously donated newer machines to the museum. He has been on the Board for more than 6 years.


Jem Gruber, Director, Alameda, CA: Jem Gruber has been with the Pacific Pinball Museum since its beginning as the Lucky Ju Ju. Jem is an artist who has produced exhibitions for the PPM gallery. Associated with Laner Electric Co., he has been on the Board for 7 years.


 DeAnna Jordt, Director,  Sebastopol, CA: DeAnna currently donates her project and account management talents to the PPM. She also serves as the Director of the Pacific Pinball Exposition, coordinating all aspects of the museum's yearly fundraiser and pinball show. DeAnna does the merchandise procurement and various management tasks for the museum.  She has been on the Board for 6 years, and with her husband, shares a large collection of co-operated machines.


 Helmut Jordt, Director, Sebastopol, CA: A pinball collector himself, Helmut Jordt is in charge of outreach to collectors throughout the area. He has facilitated the loan of rare machines to the PPM for exhibition, as well as producing tools and signage to organize our collection warehouse. Helmut has been on the Board for 6 years.


David Volansky, Director, San Francisco, CA:  David brings his systems analysis expertise to the museum from a career in IT.  While he won’t rest until every last pinball machine is in perfect working order, he will take out some time to work as a board member on the larger goals of the museum.